Just a few galleries with some of my pictures

What I love most about photography and which really fascinates me is how it changes the way you look at the world (for once I am using the more direct and physical meaning of that expression). You just start looking around a lot more and try to find beautiful pictures around you instead of just walking blindly through the world.

Until I have time to setup galleries on here this link goes offsite to my galleries at


Travel reports from places I have been and hopefully where I'll go...

Don't really see myself having the time anytime soon to start writing about past trips, but I like the idea of having a place on here where I can put up little reports when I am on the road. And maybe I'll put up the stuff that sticks out while doing research for future trips.

Until I have time to setup my own travel report pages this link goes offsite to my travel pages over at


Recipies, wines, drinks,....

A little project site of some friends and me. We will all post our favorite recipies, wines, drinks and share them with each other. Am really excited about that one. Not much there yet, but hopefully it will fill up a bit over the next few months.


What would life be without them????

Don't really know how I feel about that one. Thought I'd put up some pics and stuff of my friends, but maybe that's not such a good idea.

Maybe I'll jus make them members only pages, so I can put up stuff for them that nobody else can access. That sounds mucho handier. Or maybe both...


My family....:-)

Will put up pics of my family, so they have a little home on the web as well...;-)

Mi blogita

Don't know how I feel about blogs...

Figured the best way to find out is to have one and see what happens and if I like it....;-)

About remosito

Just in case you wanted to know more about this remosito thingie

Some more info about myself. That's kinda weird as I am not to much into self-promotion and all that. But hey, always good to expand ones horizons and abilities...;-)